A New Way of Conceiving Traveling.

An open-minded, culture-oriented and curious group of people is willing to leave a trace, to live and discover the world in his deepest roots.

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Changing your life and others by tracing your Journey.

There is something we like to call a “Tracing Experience”.

That happens when you travel and experience sensations due to the discovery of a new and authentic place.

That sensation – if nurtured – can literally change our daily life and improve our general mood.

At this exact time the number of places we can call “authentic” is lowering, and a lot of people are striving to search the most typical experience for their travels.

You can make a difference. In your life and in the life of others, by simply travelling like a citizen of the world.

You just have to bring your own spirit and energy,

we will give you the experience.

Who are we?

We are a group of independent travellers with a passion for travel planning and content producing.

Our main dream is to make journeys easier and more accessible to people, while helping cities and countries not to lose their cultural and traditional identity.

We took this as a personal mission. We want “Tracers” to become a movement of travellers with passion for our world. 

Will you be the next?

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The Crew

Erik Cargnoni – 19th of June 1994, Novara, Italy.

Born creative, I always searched for life changing experiences, both in a personal and professional way.

I’ve always had an interest in travelling, more specifically in travel planning.

So I spent time participating at tourism and travel events, before I started working as a tourist agent in Portugal.

The search for the perfect journey has been my passion since the first time I stepped outside my hometown.

Now I’m CEO and Founder of Tracers, and I get to plan experiences for other people.

I love my job and I do it with the greatest effort.

Luísa Quelhas – Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, in a bright day of October 1996, I have a really strong passion for communication and relationships.

Tourism has always been in my veins: my parents have been working in the area since before I was born.

Thus, I decided to develop my education in the field of tourism, finally taking a bachelor degree.

As a consequence, my passion guided me in taking part in all kind of experiences demanded in this sector, participating also in an Erasmus program and being a member of the ESN Porto (Erasmus Students Network of Porto) association.

I’m Co-Founder of Tracers, a project that embrace all these interest I told you.

I can’t wait to share a tracing experience with you!

Edoardo Mangini – Adventurer, photographer and DJ born and raised in Varese, Italy.

Now a freelance creator, I spend most of my time travelling and collaborating with brands and companies.

As a DJ, I played in the best clubs of Milan, Granada and Portimão, and now I’m the resident DJ at the Village Summerclub Varese.

My passion for photography then led me to the wonderful world of tracing and discovering new cultures and places.

I collaborated with Italian, Spanish and Dutch companies such as Emycet Viajes, Drivy and Wanderlast Experience as Social Media Manager and photographer.

Always remember, creating means freedom!

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